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Sua Arte is a marketplace that connects thoughtful consumers with creative entrepreneurs. It is an ecosystem where people of all backgrounds inspire each other and build relationships through making, selling, and buying unique goods. We help our community of sellers turn their ideas into successful businesses.

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How to work with simple products

First, what is a simple product?

A simple product  is a product that don’t contains variations in his characteristics like sizes, colors, different times etc.

Steps to create a simple product in Sua Arte.

  1. Go to Product Manager in the dashboard and select — Add Product.
  2. In product type select Simple.
  3. Title – The name of the product.
  4. Price($) – Price of the product
  5.  In Short Description section – write a real short description. That will go down the name of the product in the store.
  6. In Description section – Here you can write all the description of the product.
  7. Feature Image and Gallery – Here you can upload all the pictures representing the product.
  8. Category & Tags – Here you need to select the best category that represent your product.
  9. Inventory – Here you can manage the inventory of your products in Sua Arte. This is optional. If you don’t want to manage inventory just don’t select Manage Stock.
  10. Shipping – OK this part is really IMPORTANTSua Arte use USPS Priority Mail tables for shipping rates. All rates are calculated by weights(lbs).  You need to calculate the weights of the item with his packaging and place the final weight in this section. You can see the USPS Priority Table Rates here.
  11. Taxes – Identify if the item is taxable or not.
  12. Tax Class – Select the tax class for the item.
    1. Standard = 11.5%
    2. Municipal Tax = 1.0%
    3. State Tax = 10.5%
    4. Zero Tax = No tax.
  13. Advanced – Here you can select if you permit the sellers to place a review of the item.
  14. Purchase Note – Here you can place any special note for this item like: time to manufacture, packaging instructions, time for shipment etc.
  15. Finally press submit in the upper right corner.

NOTE: Every product submitted by the vendors, need to be evaluated by Sua Arte Admins. This is for quality and integrity of the site and rules of the Terms and Conditions.

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